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For Zachary 01:31
you gotta... honor your word, do as you're told by the ruler that owns your whole world sounds pretty whack but you gave it all up the moment you sold the devil your soul he warned you about it and made it all clear this the price you pay or else you disappear and you gave it all up for that white rabbit i hope it was the best fucking in the planet hunger pains, while maintaining the strain you gave up your reign and became a slave drinking ice water to deceive your basket how long until you get to rest inside your casket bomb going atomic like newspaper comics that made the mistake of making fun of islamics for paris people mourned and the eagles complained about the lack of guns that could prevent the pain cut the wires and another one goes off you gotta be careful because it's not a bluff if you're close enough it'll blow your nose off so try to stay away from all that stuff our world is mayhem for your grey matter don't bother concerning with political matters it's not enough wanting to make it a better place unless you act on it and begin the race for greatness and making things better but it's not so easy when you're a cynic with a cold heart and no sweater that struggles with lyrics still hoping things get better riding the waves of the ocean like the waves of the song the clouds in the bright skies that ride the air waves above
For Ernesto 02:53
outside... bright sun in my eyes i'm tired don't cry cuz the bright sky won't lie tired of constantly being blind tired of the rotting of the mind time to look behind my eyelids it feels timeless... lying here in a backyard that's not mine missing all my tarot cards feeling divine thinking without a line waiting for science that will never arrive i feel timeless... been sleeping on rhymes for nine days hoping the writing inside the mind pays attaining success is something i would like but the way things are now it wouldn't be right time goes by and you keep rotting inside for days without end no weekend on sight feeling worthless like shaking your dick after taking a piss, zip up your pants quick tomorrow you'll call in sick bitch you aint slick and it will all be over no more exposure like this fucked up verse in the whole universe been staring for hours at this old tv static noise channel what does that even mean to me? dramatic voice travel on top getting louder
For Manuel 02:17
dig your own grave if you don't wanna we brave no one gives a fuck about the things you've made everyone's a fucking asshole but so am i and everyone is just so bad i wonder why so many things wrong with the world in this day and age sometimes it feels like you being born was a fucking mistake you better man up and stop sucking ass be a fucking moron and fuck someone up tear their shit up before they kick your ass don't bother cleaning up after beating them up kill yourself my man your life's not worth living your shitty plan makes me think you're just kidding your life is a living hell, literally trash so stop stalling, time to do something crass break the rules like when you break the glass kill them all fools for stepping on your grass
For Julio 01:47
it's been too long since we last heard of you it all went wrong the day they broke through they took you away and we thought you were dead on that rainy day i wish they had took me instead dear shadow alive and well how can the spirit die while the body dwells is it true that it was all a mistake or we misunderstood the path we had to take through the forest and down to your grave where the birds wait and the tall grasses wave they don't know you anymore it's been too long since before the war tall trees surround us they're all around us nobody will find us they think we're all nuts well hidden away they will never find us not until the day we spill their damn guts and once we're out we're going for revenge they'll live their life without seeing any light again dear shadow can you guide me a truth seeker is the best i might be the truth is hidden away in the light like thieves hiding in the night and we're so lost without a guide the last remaining members of our tribe without light we can't find the truth we have spent looking for all of our youth
For Homura 04:05
last night i had you in a dream but now i wake up and realize you don't even exist there was no kiss, someone slap my wrist why would my brain play such a twist you will be missed if i can't resist the thought of you all inside a dream without going extreme like a particle beam i don't understand and you know how the sun shines through the window it's a cloudy day today and you make me think you want me to stay stay looking at me with that weird face but i need to get away today i don't like feeling so astray ruins my mood and makes my mind break i'm starting to think you don't even exist all your thoughts are really inside my brain it's foggy and i feel lost inside this mist i realize the truth, my heart starts to pain last night i had you in a dream but now i wake up and realize you don't even exist last night i had you in a dream but now i wake up and realize you don't even exist i can't tell what's real and what's in a dream like the one last night made me feel so serene i didn't want to leave the bed but i needed to get up to get my bread and i always felt so supreme now it looks like it was all about me makes me feel so foolish and wanting to scream who thought it could ever end, like this nothing's right and i don't even know what to do i have no idea what to say because of you and you don't even exist someone slap my wrist i must still be in a dream feeling ennui feeling a strange nostalgia for the future and the worst part is... you don't even exist someone please slap my wrist i must still be in a dream feeling ennui feeling a strange nostalgia for the future or the past or the present nothing's real anymore and i can't tell i'm so lost and i have no idea what else to say
For Axel 02:00
feeling braindead can't think no more been in my head for days and can't ignore feeling drained and no idea what for still trying not to fall to the floor depressing thoughts galore inside my mind inside there's nothing good to find looking through all these rows i try but really can't find the one thing i'm looking for the answer that puts my mind to rest maybe if i knew what it is but to me it's still a mystery i don't know if i can figure out this the answer could end all my misery but i'm tired and there's no guarantee and i have no reason to believe there must be something i can't see so i try to forget by drinking beers but i still don't know how to handle this and i'm still longing for that kiss from the girl that brought me so much bliss i miss the time when i had no issues i used to be ambitious and even had some wishes but then everything went to shit and caused this condition made me forget my mission, forever ruining my cognition i wanna start all over again, make it an empty space, a blank slate to get rid of hate, and set my mind straight to discover my fate and work to achieve a peaceful mental state it's all a waste of time and time can never be rewind you blink and it's gone so it's better not to spend it all nowadays i struggle to breathe for air try to stay clean and away from despair but no matter what, it will always be there gotta ignore it and listen to the kick and the snare
For William 02:40
I don't know what's going on Everyday when I wake up I don't feel like looking up Don't feel like moving on Looking out the window And wondering if he knows I don't even wanna know I don't know what's going on I don't even wanna know It's dangerous to go alone It's dangerous to go alone So go alone... It's dangerous to go alone He might not take it well He might not take it well He might not take it well He might not take it well He might not take it well He might not take it well He might not take it well He might not take it well The road seems very long When I look back at my wrongs Feel like I should make up But first I need to wake up From this idyllic dream That's keeping my thoughts in All bottled up inside and ready To burst at any second, not steady So don't go on your own It's dangerous to go alone So go and find your phone Dial the number... of the one who won't call unless you call him first And ask nicely for help then you need to wait he might not take it well he might not take it well he might not take it well
For NSA 02:48
on friday got home late at night slip into bed and close my tired eyes oversleep until lunch then eat some pancakes now It's Sunday and I'm taking a long break my man called me, offering something to do i asked him where, he said central avenue some sort of festival or congregation where lots of people meet to release some tension i decided to go grab a quick bite and maybe later drink something tight wasn't looking for her, just happened to find years later, still recognize that behind I stepped up to say hi but she seemed annoyed so I gave up fast forward to the next day today seems like a good day to produce and rhyme let's get to it right away, waste no time creativity's hard to come by sometimes but if you just try something fine might come alive, just in time as i reminisce another one comes to mind also saw the redhead that stole my heart she always seemed fine and oh so kind but she turned out to be of the cheating type i only gave her a glance and then looked away some might think that was weak and lame but this girl was the one that broke my heart i've been hating too much and need a fresh start speaking of that, i've been trying for a while to develop some sort of artistic style i hope it's not as hard as it seems, somebody might say just follow your dreams here's a last one, a similar tale, the one i always tell after drinking pale ales, a really pretty girl, a modeling pearl so cute you gotta keep her away from earl i met her last sunday as well and she was nice as hell even though nothing's going to happen there i just felt that was something i had to declare man, her eyes are so big you can't look away she's the type of girl you would never betray she might be a siren that lures seamen away oops, I think that came out the wrong way...


released May 13, 2016


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